Awards and Scholarships

An exciting leadership program will be held in cooperation with several central Kentucky colleges to allow students to interact with other youth leaders.  The “Youth Salute” awards ceremony will be held on the same day.  See below for available scholarships & awards. More information to be announced at a later date.

College scholarships are selected by each college/university*:

Five $4,000 scholarships from Asbury University

Five $4,000 scholarships from Eastern Kentucky University

Five $4,000 scholarships from Georgetown College

Five $4,000 scholarships from Transylvania University

Awards selected by the “Youth Salute” Scholarships and Awards Committee:*

$1,000 in scholarships  –  Two $500 scholarships from Holifield Photography

$2,000 in courses  –  Four ACT – SAT Courses valued at $500 each from Class 101

$500 scholarship  –  One $500 scholarship from Class 101

$500 in awards  –  Four $125 leadership awards from Central Bank & Trust Co.

55 Awards  –  Top Youth Leader from each high school

One Award  –  Central Kentucky Youth Leader of the Year

One Award  –  Lexington Youth Leader of the Year

Each student will receive a certificate from the National Council on Youth Leadership for their participation in the program.

Youth Leadership Scholarships, Titles and Leadership Awards will be awarded on the basis of the application form, leadership essay and attendance at the local leadership program and awards ceremony by the Awards and Scholarship Committee.  Your attendance at the leadership program and awards ceremony is mandatory to be eligible for any awards.

*subject to change